Onboarding New Students

How to guide your new team members on the project hub

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Follow the project owner guide

Under the "Project Guides," please read the "Project Owner Guide" article to ensure you have ownership of your projects. Once you have followed all the steps come back to learn how to integrate an organized project and help students succeed.

Accessing Projects

We have a "How to Access Projects" article under "Project Guides." Ensure students read this to have easy access to the project hub.

Include a Welcome Message

In the "Chat" tab, it would be best to include a welcome message to make students aware of the project details, where they can find relevant information, and who the owner is. 

Include the following:

- Greeting

- Project Name

- Owner Name and Role

- Project Expected Length

- Make Students Aware of Relevant Documents

- Include Short First Milestone Details and Where to Find Them


Hello all team members! Welcome to the Social Media Management Project with <company name>. My name is <name> and I am the Founder/CEO/manager at this amazing company and I look forward to guiding you on this project. In the documents tab, you will find the introduction to our company and values. Afterwards, please go to our project tab and read the first milestone. Please drop the best day and time to have a once-a-week meeting. Messages are welcome in this chat.

Create Milestones

The next step is to go to your project dashboard and create milestones. Milestones are the tasks and deliverables you assign to your team members to complete in a specified amount of time. Upload these tasks ahead of time so team members can have access once they are accepted.

What to include in your milestones:

- Title

- Start and End Date

- Assign to Student(s)

- Add a Description

- Add Supporting Documents

Example Milestone Description:

“Create Social Media Posting Schedule: Over the next week, you will research what days and times are best for posting on different social media channels. In your report, you must include these details, as well as which type of content (videos, art, articles, etc.) engages the audience the most depending on the channel (Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Once these details are researched thoroughly, create a coherent posting schedule for our accounts.”

Upload Documents and Files

If you have further instructions, introductions, or files that students need to utilize for their deliverables, remember to upload them to the "documents" tab on Skilbi. This ensures that the project hub is organized and your team has their materials to succeed.

Set Up the First Meeting

Once your team members have informed you of their availability, go to the "meetings" tab and set up your first meeting. Everyone will be notified and the project can begin. 

Get Started!

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